Our Story

Welcome to the energetic territory of “Oh God I’m Dizzy”, where faith, family, and a touch of laughter collide! Led by the dynamic duo, Ministers Jason and Erica Gouty, our leadership brings visionary guidance to our ministry. With a whopping 26 years of marriage and counting, complete with a bustling family of five children and three grandchildren and counting– they are our lively cast of characters – we’re not just preaching strong family values: we’re practically starring in a sitcom of our own! (And let’s be honest, Surviving Game Family Game Night is a comedy unique in its own right.

And yes, we proudly declare ourselves a biracial marriage, a delightful dash of black and white cookie. This unique aspect of our union gives us a one-of-a-kind perspective on the everyday issues that salt and pepper our lives in this beautiful, diverse world.

Our Mission

Jason’s 17 years in the U.S. Army showcase our discipline, and our travels across the United States and Europe are like a spiritual road trip filled with laughter and diverse connections, leading down a road trip with the GPS set to humor as we reach out to diverse communities. (Spoiler alert: Laughter is a universal language and a road leading to Christ!)

It proves that wrangling a lively family prepares you for almost anything life throws your way.

Join our “Oh God I’m Dizzy” family at Ohgodimdizzy.com, the virtual hub of Weeping Willow Ministries. Dive into our podcast, “Oh God I’m Dizzy,” where we explore the dizzying heights and hilarious pitfalls of faith, life, and the occasional family chaos. Because let’s face it – life gets a bit dizzy sometimes, and laughter is our preferred remedy sometimes; you need to “get up and eat, or your journey will be too much for you.” 1 Kings 19:7 GW

Our journey is anchored by the 2012 ordination in Baumholder, Germany – a ceremony that, yes, had a few unexpected moments but held special significance in our ministry’s story. Come, laugh with us, be a part of the journey, our family, and experience the transformative power of faith with Weeping Willow Ministries at Ohgodimdizzy.com.